Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Thrill of the Hunt

Last summer, my mother kept telling me all about this new craze she'd been reading about, geocaching.  The basic concept is that there are millions of containers of various sizes hidden around the world.  Treasure hunters can find the coordinates of specific "caches" on websites like and then enter those coordinates into their handheld GPS units and be led to the package.  Finders take a small trinket from the cache and leave a new one in it's place, and also sign the log book in the cache, so others will know they have been there.

Since the only GPS we owned at the time was for vehicles and wasn't precise enough to find specific coordinates on foot, I didn't pay much attention to the whole thing.  But now that my new phone has built in GPS, we decided to give geocaching a try.

The whole process was actually surprisingly fun.  Upon arriving at the GPS coordinates, the cache can be anywhere within a 25 foot radius, so you still have to do some searching to find it.  If you're lucky, the original planter of the cache will have left a hint for you to help narrow down the location of the "treasure".

Sound like fun?  One more thing I forgot to mention...all of this hunting must be done without drawing attention to yourself or letting others know what you're up to.  We have to make sure the Muggles don't get wind of what's going on, after all.


  1. You have a blog!!! Hi Drew!!

    Downloaded this app because of you btw. Might look for a cache nearby.

  2. Nice! It's actually surprisingly fun. Make sure you bring a pen with you, cause not all the caches have them.


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